Introductory Workshops

The introductory workshop is held over 1 day ( or 2 days for the online format) and takes you through a step-by-step process of building a simple research data collection tool from start to finish. The Introductory workshop covers a very basic selection of the project design tools available in REDCap and is intended for those who have never used the system before, or those who just need a little bit of extra help to get started.

19-20 Apr 2023 - Registration closes on 12 April Click here to register

21-22 Jun 2023 - Registration closes on 14 Jun Click here to register

23-24 Aug 2023 - Registration closes on 16 Aug Click here to register

15-16 Nov 2023 - Registration closes on 8 Nov Click here to register

Advanced Workshops

The advanced workshop is held over 3 days (4 for the online offering) and covers advanced design techniques, project management functionality and data reporting within REDCap. This workshop is not for newbies, you need to have mastered the basic design tools as described in the Introductory Workshop Agenda. Before attending the Advanced workshop you will be required to complete a small assignment, and you will also have to complete short assignments between sessions. The assignments shouldn't take more than about 2 hours each to complete.

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