Consultation Process

The aim of the consultations are:

  • Ensure that everyone in the area has the opportunity to review the proposed plans and feedback their comments
  • Build awareness and support for the project through a meaningful engagement process
  • Seek feedback on the concept design and to highlight any issues to be taken forward into the next design stages

The consultation programme covered both online and face-to face channels in order to encourage a broad range of responses from different groups. Consultations are usually an hour in length and free of charge. They are intended to guide and support members of the Wits community with a health informatics-related issue. Some projects require multiple of these contact sessions over the course of the project lifecycle. For projects that require a greater level of involvement besides expert guidance, (like REDCap project design on your behalf, software design or customised training content) we charge a consulting fee of R750 per hour for Wits Faculty of Health Sciences members and an external consulting fee of R950 per hour.